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Ms. Gil-Ja Jhon

Ms. Gil-Ja Jhon, the fourth President of the Volunteers for Educational Services in Asia

Volunteers for Educational Services in Asia (VESA) is a missionary institution established on October 29, 2004, succeeding the mission that had been carried on by Ewha Missionary Supporters Association.  Since 1999, Ewha Missionary Supporters Association has sent missionaries to Cambodia and sponsored them.


Since 2000, VESA sent five missionaries to Cambodia.  In Srang region of Kampong Speu Province in Cambodia, VESA established and opened a kindergarten and an elementary school in October 2009, a junior high school in 2015, and a high school in 2018.  Our next goal is to open Christian university by 2021 and we are praying for God’s blessing for this. 


In addition, Ewha community supported to open a health clinic in 2015 in the same region and has made an effort to take care of not only the spiritual health of local residents but also their physical health.  We remember the missionaries from the Western countries who came to Korea when Korea had a difficult time in history and contributed to development of Korea by establishing Christian schools and providing education.  Remembering their devotion, we are providing education to Cambodian children through Ewha Srang schools.  We started this project with a hope to develop Ewha Srang schools similar to Ewha Womans University in Korea.


We pray and hope that Ewha Srang alumni would continue to share the gospel by establishing more Christian schools in other regions in 100 years.


The Bible says “All things work together to those who love God” and for this, the work of people who send missionaries to a mission filed is as important as the work of missionaries carrying out the on-site mission.  We invite you who share VESA’s vision, “to establish school for the Kingdom of God,” to participate and support our education project.  We are certain that your participation would greatly contribute to an achievement of VESA’s mission “to train young generations to become Christian leaders who will rebuild Cambodian society.”


We again invite your participation.  Thank you